Action Comedy featured

'Pixels' Film Review: Don't hate the player, hate the game

July 23, 2015 Ben Mk
Comedy featured Film Review

'Trainwreck' Film Review: Amy Schumer's feature debut is a note-perfect combo of hilarity, heart and raunch

July 17, 2015 Ben Mk
Action Ant-Man featured

'Ant-Man' Film Review: Pint-sized action, big time fun

Ben Mk
Action Adaptation Adventure

'X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut' Blu-ray Review: Go back to the future past with the extended edition of last summer's mutant megahit

July 14, 2015 Ben Mk
Blu-ray Review Drama featured

'House of Cards: The Complete Third Season' Blu-ray Review: Is this the beginning of the end for all-American anti-hero Frank Underwood?

July 8, 2015 Ben Mk