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'Impossible Horror' Toronto After Dark 2017 Review: A flawed but entertaining throwback to cheesy '80s flicks

October 30, 2017Sherry Li

A crowdfunded Canadian production filmed in Toronto, Impossible Horror follows two women, Lily (Haley Walker) and Hannah (Creedance Wright), who wander around their neighborhood at night trying to find the source of some mysterious screams they keep hearing.

But although this intriguing premise is vague enough that it holds a lot of potential for the film to cover something truly original and sinister, the result fails to deliver. While there are many promising scenes, the story is generally a confusing mess, and it's also unclear as to whether the narrative is purposefully intended to be difficult to follow. What's more, the writing itself feels uninspired — which could have been partly due to the stiff delivery from the cast — and as things progress, writer/director Justin Decloux builds towards a big ending that never arrives.

However, Impossible Horror is not unwatchable by any means. There are definitely moments filled with both hilarity and terror, and the movie also does a great job using practical effects, which is a legitimate feat considering its minimal budget. In the end, though, the only real standout is the film's soundtrack.

Impossible Horror is receiving its world premiere at Toronto After Dark 2017.

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