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'Sixty Minutes to Midnight' Toronto After Dark 2017 Review: 'Assault on Precinct 13' meets 'The Running Man'

October 16, 2017Ferdosa Abdi

Strangers burst into your home intending to kill you, and your death is to be televised. Do you give up and die, running around screaming, or do you buckle down and fight for your life? One unlucky alcoholic construction worker is the latest contestant, and he is in for a wild night.

Sixty Minutes to Midnight follows construction worker Jack Darcy (Robert Nolan). On New Year's Eve 1999, Jack wakes up to a nightmare. He somehow finds himself entered into a murderous new game show. He has only sixty minutes to kill or be killed. His potential killers are in for the fight of their lives, however, because Jack knows a thing or two about surviving thanks to his days in the military. With a stash of weapons at his disposal and a one-million-dollar prize on the line, there's no way Jack Darcy is going down without a fight.

Director Neil Mackay uses the layout of Jack’s home and the game show concept quite effectively to structure this simple siege thriller. And while the premise may not be entirely fresh, there is something intriguing about watching someone fight tooth and nail for their life, while an ominous presence roots against them.

Sixty Minutes to Midnight is receiving its world premiere at Toronto After Dark 2017.

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