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'Victor Crowley' Toronto After Dark 2017 Review: A return to form for a contemporary horror icon

October 23, 2017Ben MK

With sequels, the law of diminishing returns is usually unavoidable. However, in the case of Victor Crowley, the latest installment in the Hatchet series, writer/director Adam Green proves that getting back to basics can be just what it takes to bring a beloved horror icon back from the dead.

That icon, of course, is the titular Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder), the hulking, deformed and voodoo-cursed serial killer who has terrorized Honey Island Swamp for decades. Now, ten years after the events of 2006's Hatchet, Crowley has been resurrected — by YouTube, no less — to lay waste to a whole new batch of would-be victims, including the sole survivor of Hatchet's Honey Island Massacre, a talk show host and her TV film crew, a group of aspiring, independent filmmakers, and a swamp tour guide who thinks he's the next Robert De Niro.

Granted, on paper, there's not much to distinguish Victor Crowley from the endless straight-to-video schlock clogging up your Netflix queue. However, make no mistake; with a game cast, a campy sense of humor, and no shortage of severed limbs and crushed skulls, this is the slasher movie you've been waiting for.

Victor Crowley is receiving its Canadian premiere at Toronto After Dark 2017.

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