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'Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High' Reel Asian 2017 Review: A fun, feel-good movie for anime fans

November 18, 2017Sherry Li

Director Akira Nagai's live-action remake of the manga Teichii: Battle of Supreme High (Teiichi no Kuni) won’t be for everyone, due to it's slightly ridiculous nature. However, it is a fun, good-natured and feel-good movie that will please anime and manga fans.

The story follows Teiichi Akaba (Masaki Suda), a high-achieving and competitive high school student who wants to become the Prime Minister of Japan one day. He knows that the only way to do it is by winning his school’s election, which will lead to automatic admission into a prestigious university and into the social circle of Japan's elite. But first, he has to beat his rival, Kikuma Togo, played by Shuhei Nomura, and help another candidate win the current presidency before he can be nominated in next year's election.

With its wide cast of over-the-top characters, Teiichi captures just the right mix of corny and campy. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments that will resonate with anyone who has experienced the pressure to succeed. And even though the film is quite lengthy, its clever plot twists help its second half go by much quicker than its first.

Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High is receiving its Toronto premiere at Reel Asian 2017.

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