A Kid from Somewhere Documentary

'A Kid from Somewhere' TIFF Next Wave Review: Creating with Passion

February 16, 2018Sherry Li

A Kid From Somewhere is a documentary that takes viewers into the lives of three talented creators — photographer Olivia Bee, photographer and skateboarder Patrick O'Rourke, and musician La Timpa — while showcasing their incredible talent and ability as artists.

Directed by Adam Beck and Paul Johnston, the film features gorgeous, creamy, dreamlike visuals that will connect with and inspire the many people who will relate to their stories. The soundtrack, full of equally hypnotizing and illusory music, matches perfectly with the soft, gentle and romantic colors on-screen. The cinematography is a work of art in itself and takes advantage of all the different settings to create stunning individual backdrops for each person's story.

The voices of all three creators feel distinct and yet each of their segments blend into one other seamlessly. A Kid From Somewhere is a beautiful film that highlights the passion, the hope and the mindset behind each artist, and it will touch anyone with an interest in pursuing art or with a curiosity about what it takes to be a creative today.

A Kid from Somewhere screens Saturday, February 17th at TIFF Next Wave. Its runtime is 1 hr. 20 min.

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