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TIFF Kids Review: 'I Am Black and Beautiful' is a Powerful Ode to Blackness That is Sure to Resonate Beyond Australia

March 17, 2018Britany Murphy

What is it to be beautiful — what kind of things should one possess in order to be declared "beautiful?" The ideals of Western beauty can be found throughout the world, and it's an ideal that many do not fit into.

The short documentary, I Am Black and Beautiful, directed by Hawanatu Bangura, aims to shed light on this exact inequity with a group of Afro-Australian women sharing their stories. The women come from various Afro-Australian backgrounds, and while their experiences are all unique, there are some common elements and universal themes that are sure to be felt the world over.

The impact that Western ideals have had in shaping their identity are heartbreaking, but the resilience that the women in I Am Black and Beautiful display when they realize that beauty is not solely based on a select few things and cannot be dictated is magnificent. It is the perfect film for any young girl, especially young black girls, to see what being beautiful truly means.

I Am Black and Beautiful screens Saturday, March 17th and Wednesday, March 21st as part of IRL (In Real Life) at the TIFF Kids International Film Festival. Its runtime is 8 min.

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