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'Mom and Dad' Blu-ray Review: Suburban Mayhem Uncaged

March 26, 2018Ben MK

In zombie movies, characters often find themselves besieged by the undead or the infected, typically without any concrete scientific explanation as to what may be causing the epidemic. But what if instead of zombies, the enemy turned out to be bloodthirsty parental units?

When parents across the country inexplicably start turning against their own flesh and blood in horrific acts of rage, teenage Carly Ryan (Anne Winters), her boyfriend Damon (Robert Cunningham) and her little brother Josh (Zackary Arthur) find themselves in for the fight of their young lives. Fleeing school when a mob of angry adults show up to murder their kids, Carly returns home to find that her own mother and father, machine parts salesman Brent and stay-at-home mom Kendall (Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair), have succumb to the same violent tendencies. As day turns to night, can the two siblings avoid the same bloody fate as their classmates?

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Mom and Dad slays on Blu-ray with a killer 1080p transfer, revealing the gory details of every bloody injury and gruesome death, but it's in the inventive sound design that the film really leaves its mark. From the buzzing of an electric saw and bursts of gunfire, to police sirens and screeching tires, to the mix of rage-inducing heavy metal, calming elevator music and a tension-building score, the disc's Dolby TrueHD 5.1 sound mix creates a truly immersive soundscape that effectively draws viewers into this bizarre and disturbing tale.

VVS Films' single-disc Blu-ray release contains no special features.

Mom and Dad is available from VVS Films as of March 27th, 2018. The Blu-ray features English and French Dolby TrueHD 5.1 tracks and is presented with English and French subtitles. The total runtime is 1 hr. 26 min.

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