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TIFF Kids Review: An Ancient Story and Modern Times Collide in 'The Mountain of SGaana'

March 20, 2018Britany Murphy

When we become distracted by technology, it is not always easily to put down our phones, laptops and tablets to see what is going on around us. But it is always necessary to unplug to see the world around us and all its happenings.

In the animated short The Mountain of SGaana, the audience gets to experience an ancient story of legend in today's world. With his face hidden mostly by his cellphone screen, a young fisherman's attention is finally caught when a tiny mouse is before him, sewing a tapestry that depicts an epic Haida story. A young woman, Kuuga Kuns, is on the search for her beloved, Naa-Naa-Sigmat, who was swallowed by an Orca and trapped under the sea. Will Kuuga Kuns be able to save Naa-Naa-Sigmat, or will they both become entangled in the supernatural spirit world forever?

Directed by Christopher Auchter, The Mountain of SGaana is rooted in Haida legend. Brilliantly animated with elements of iconic Haida art, the film is completely silent save for the musical score and some singing. The standout imagery weaves the tale together intricately and will delight audience members both young and old, while also sharing the traditions and tales of the Haida people.

The Mountain of SGaana screens Saturday, March 10th, Tuesday, March 13th and Wednesday, March 14th as part of Loot Bag Sr.: Animated World at the TIFF Kids International Film Festival. Its runtime is 10 min.

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