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Toronto After Dark Review: ‘Satan’s Slaves’

October 17, 2018Sherry Li

Satan's Slaves, the terrifying Indonesian supernatural horror film from writer and director Joko Anwar, is a slow-burner that uses every single minute of its run time to instill fear in the audience.

Set in the early '80s, the film follows Rini (Tara Basro), the eldest child and sister to three young brothers, and her family. After their mother passes away, their house becomes filled with paranormal activity, and it soon becomes clear that their mother may have had some very dark secrets of her own.

Anwar's film is a loose remake of the '80s cult classic and has included, for fans who have seen the original, an Easter egg at the end. Called one of the scariest films to come out of Asia, Satan's Slaves certainly lives up to the hype. Though it's a slow burn, this genuinely terrifying and amazingly well-crafted horror flick builds upon each and every scene, making it easily comparable to — but honestly scarier than — its predecessor.

Satan's Slaves is a Special Presentation of the 2018 Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Its runtime is 1 hr. 47 min.

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