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Reel Asian Review: ‘High Flash’

November 19, 2018Sherry Li

High Flash, the Taiwanese crime drama from director Ching Shen Chuang, is a slow-burner that builds up from the first minute up until it's satisfying ending.

At a waterfront protest led against a large petrochemical company, a boat set on fire appears, along with the body of a man who seemed to have set himself on fire and died of the cause. Viewed as a martyr, word of his death is quickly spread, but when the body is examined by the medical examiner Chou (Kang Ren Wu), he's not so sure the death is as straightforward as it seems. Complicating things more, the lead prosecutor on the case is his ex-fiancé Kim (Yi Ti Yao), who is under a lot of pressure to close the case quickly.

The movie is a definite slow-burner, but the well-paced unraveling of the film is matched by the fantastic acting. Though High Flash doesn't quite pick up, even at the climax, the story is complex enough that you'll find yourself drawn in. The result manages to create a believable world with high stakes and a story that uncovers a conspiracy which impacts the whole village.

High Flash makes its North American premiere at the 2018 Reel Asian Film Festival. Its runtime is 1 hr. 49 min.

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