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Reel Asian Review: ‘House of the Rising Sons’

November 14, 2018Sherry Li

House of the Rising Sons, co-written and directed by the drummer of the band The Wynners, Anthony Chan, is a fun, stylistic story that showcases the passion for music, brotherhood and lifelong bond that the band members formed on their journey to success.

The film follows The Wynners from its earliest days as the Loosers all the way to success, fame and their eventual split. It's a quick, high-energy movie that will leave viewers entertained, though it does manage to touch on some deeper themes, like familial expectations and what each of the members risked for their love of music. Though the film doesn't quite get deep enough with each of its characters, they all have their own charm that makes them likeable and standout in their own way. The first and second act were quite good, however the third act felt a little rushed. Things do end quite strongly though, with quite an emotional point, reinforcing the strong bond the the band members all hold for each other.

For a biopic about a band, however, House of the Rising Sons doesn't actually feature too many of The Wynners' songs. Instead, it chooses to follow these characters themselves more than the process of their music. Still, the result is a highly entertaining, highly charming movie that, at its heart, showcases the love the band members have for music and for each other.

House of the Rising Sons makes its Canadian premiere at the 2018 Reel Asian Film Festival. Its runtime is 1 hr. 40 min.

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