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Interview: Milla Jovovich on Playing the Villain in ‘Hellboy’

April 11, 2019Ben MK

They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But in Hellboy, it might be more apropos to say Hell hath no fury like a fifth century witch hellbent on raining plague and pestilence upon everyone on Earth.

As the immortal Blood Queen Nimue, Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich plays the supernatural antagonist in Hellboy, the new film from The Descent director Neil Marshall based on Mike Mignola's comic book series of the same name. Defeated by an Excalibur-wielding King Arthur and sentenced to eternal imprisonment, Nimue finds herself unleashed to wreak havoc 1500 years later. But does she view Hellboy as her opposition, or is he more of a means for bringing her plans for the apocalypse to fruition?

I caught up with Milla Jovovich ahead of the Canadian premiere of Hellboy, where she chatted about playing the villain and what it was like working with Hellboy himself, co-star David Harbour.

What was it like playing the villain, going from being the hero and fighting the Red Queen in the Resident Evil franchise to being the Blood Queen in Hellboy?

Jovovich: I think that for a lot of actors that you will talk to, [they'll] say it's fun to play a villain, because there's so many layers to these characters. And it's fun to discover who they are, what made them bad, what made them evil. Because for the most part, they didn't start out that way. So that was so fun for me with this character, because I really got a chance to understand who she was, how her ideals were very pure to start with. But after being gruesomely betrayed, of course, she wants to annihilate humanity. [laughs]

And you and David Harbour have great chemistry in the film. What was it like working with him?

Jovovich: Oh, he's amazing. So smart, so intelligent. I truly believe that he's gonna be a director in his own right and do great things. Because he's got such a vision and such a passion to bring to everything he does.

Hellboy is in theatres April 12th, 2019. Photo credit: Captive Camera.

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