Brittany Runs a Marathon Comedy

Review: ‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’ is a Comedy that Goes the Extra Mile

August 29, 2019Sherry Li

Brittany Runs a Marathon, from writer/director Paul Downs Colaizzo, is a raw, unfiltered look at the ups and downs of a woman who decides to turn her life around through running.

Colaizzo, who wrote the film based off of the real-life experiences of his friend, manages to bring to life an incredibly relatable story, crafted with care and honesty, starring the perfectly cast Jillian Bell. Brittany's journey starts with her as an uninhibited 28-year-old, unhappy with her weight and her life, and a doctor's visit where she hopes to score an Adderall prescription. Instead, she's told that she's overweight and informed about all the medical risks that come with it — and though Brittany, who often uses her humor to get through difficult situations, makes jokes with the doctor, she takes his advice seriously and begins to make changes to her life.

One block at a time, Brittany starts running, and even joins a group where she befriends Catherine (Michaela Watkins) and Seth (Micah Stock), who have their own reasons for running. And together, they begin to train for the New York City Marathon.

Bell's performance brings charisma and humor to a character who is clearly struggling with her own deep insecurities and feelings of loneliness, and can be incredibly unlikeable at times. Yet, Bell makes her feel incredibly real and relatable. The character will resonate deeply with not just those who have struggled with their weight but also with those who have struggled in any way to get their life together, or perhaps have felt left behind by their peers. The writing, combined with Bell's genuineness, will inspire viewers to believe that change is possible, even when it is incredibly hard and you feel as though you're on your own.

With an incredible script and a perfect lead, the result showcases Colaizzo's deep commitment to creating a fully fleshed-out story that will inspire anyone to take responsibility in their own life. Funny, heartfelt and inspiring, Brittany Runs a Marathon may just lead you to pick up your running shoes and get out there yourself.

Brittany Runs a Marathon releases August 30th, 2019 from Elevation Pictures. The film has an MPAA rating of R for language throughout, sexuality and some drug material. Its runtime is 1 hr. 43 min.

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