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The Maternal Bond: A TIFF Review of ‘My Zoe’

September 15, 2019Ben MK

No parent should have to suffer the loss of a child. But what if you could have a second chance? In My Zoe, writer/director Julie Delpy examines the fragility of life and the lengths a parent might go to in order to hold their child in their arms again.

Isabelle (Delpy) and James (Richard Armitage) used to be a loving couple, but some time after the birth of their daughter Zoe (Sophia Ally), that love began to wither. Now separated, they share custody of Zoe, an arrangement that has proven emotionally draining for Isabelle, who struggles to balance a part-time job as a single mother and a full-time job as a scientist. Then one fateful day, Zoe suffers a concussion on the playground and slips into a coma, and while James is willing to come to terms with the reality of their situation, Isabelle finds herself having a hard time letting go.

A compelling family drama with a tinge of speculative science-fiction, My Zoe is a testament to Delpy's filmmaking skills both in front of and behind the camera. But most importantly, it shows that sometimes the bond between a parent and a child just can't be broken.

My Zoe makes its world premiere at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. Its runtime is 1 hr. 42 min.

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