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Toronto After Dark Review: ‘Blood Machines’

October 16, 2019Sherry Li

Blood Machines, from the writing/directing duo known as Seth Ickerman, is a Kickstarter-backed space opera bursting with incredible visual effects and a funky synth soundtrack.

A neon-drenched, intergalactic adventure — with each scene packed with insane colors, effects, and a fantastic soundtrack from composer Carpenter Brut — Blood Machines is one of the most breathtaking and fun genre films in recent memory. A sequel to Ickerman and Brut's previous collaboration, the short film/music video Turbo Killer, the movie follows a blade runner named Vascan (Anders Heinrichsen) and his mechanic partner Lago (Christian Erickson), after their ship's AI transforms into a mysterious woman named Mima (Joëlle Berckmans).

The result is an incredible space experience built with tremendous care that will blow viewers away. Though the plot comes secondary to the visuals, Ickerman's love for the genre is unmistakable, making Blood Machines something you won't want to miss on the big screen.

Blood Machines makes its Toronto premiere at the 2019 Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Its runtime is 50 min.

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