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Toronto After Dark Review: ‘The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale’

October 16, 2019Britany Murphy

We've all heard about about pharmaceutical testing, but what would happen if a company's illegal experimentation led to the creation of a zombie infection? This is exactly what happens in the South Korean horror comedy The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale.

When a zombie — or, in this case, "Zzongbie" — bites their patriarch, Man-duk (Park In-hwan), the Park family's eldest son, Min-gul (Kim Nam-gil), sees dollar signs. However, his attempt to profit off the concept of resurrecting people's loved ones results in the impending zombie plague quickly overrunning the town, putting not only the family's fate in danger, but also the fate of their town and South Korea as a whole. How the Parks reacts to this new adversity — one that they're partially responsible for — will set the tone for what follows and also point to just how greed can lead to the corruption of the world around us.

Directed by Lee Min-jae and featuring a stellar cast that also includes Uhm Ji-won, Jung Jae-young, Lee Soo-kyung and Jung Ga-ram, The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale is the perfect blend of humor and horror that makes this a funny and fresh take on the zombie genre.

The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale makes its Toronto premiere at the 2019 Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Its runtime is 1 hr. 52 min.

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