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TIFF Next Wave Review: ‘Take Me Somewhere Nice’

February 14, 2020Ferdosa Abdi

There is something very special about watching a debut feature that is bursting at the seams with personality and vision. And Ena Sendijarevic's debut feature, Take Me Somewhere Nice, is wholly about the personality and the vision of someone who loves absurdist and deadpan comedy.

The film follows a Dutch teenager named Alma (Sara Luna Zoric), who is on the cusp of womanhood. Stuck in a limbo between childhood and adulthood that leaves her feeling alienated and aimless, she embarks on a short trip to visit her ill father in Bosnia. But when she arrives, she is met by her inconsiderate cousin and a set of truly bizarre adventures begin to unfold. What follows is reminiscent of the works of Hal Hartley and Jim Jarmusch, coated in a layer of Bosnian absurdism. It is light, colorful and stylish, with visuals that make the experience immensely enjoyable.

The result is an example of how important it is to make a film with a clear idea while staying true to one's sensibilities. Take Me Somewhere Nice may not strike a chord with everyone, thanks to its particular brand of humor or the aimlessness of the plot, but those who get it will have a genuinely good time.

Take Me Somewhere Nice screens Sunday, February 16th at TIFF Next Wave. Its runtime is 1 hr. 31 min.

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