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TIFF Next Wave Review: ‘Your Turn’

February 12, 2020Sherry Li

A political documentary that follows student protests in Brazil, Your Turn is an inspirational call-to-action that will speak to all who want to create change.

Directed by Eliza Capai, the film is a raw and unflinching look at the numerous protests organized by students fighting for their education in Brazil over numerous years. Featuring narration by several different students, who each give viewers insight into their own personal lives and why they wanted to create change, the result is simultaneously heartbreaking, inspiring and unsettling, not to mention incredibly effective at delivering a message — that the future of the world lies in the hands of today's youth.

Unflinchingly honest in its depiction of its subject matter, Your Turn doesn't shy away from showing police brutality and violence, but is also showcases the unifying bonds that form between the students. Suffice to say, this is one movie that will certainly ignite a spark in those who watch it.

Your Turn screens Saturday, February 15th at TIFF Next Wave. Its runtime is 1 hr. 33 min.

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