Come True Fantasia Festival

Fantasia Festival Review: ‘Come True’

August 31, 2020Ben MK

For some, dreams are nothing but a way for our minds to process the things we experience during our waking hours, while for others, they hold a more intrinsic meaning. As for the young woman at the center of the sci-fi horror Come True, she's about to learn just how terrifyingly real her dreams can be.

Plagued by reoccurring visions of shadowy figures with glowing eyes and unable to get a good night's rest in her own bed, 18-year-old Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone) has resorted to sleeping outdoors at the local playground and pumping herself full of caffeine during the day in order to stay awake. But when she and five others enter into a sleep study being run by one Dr. Meyer (Christopher Heatherington), that's when the true significance of her dreams begins to take shape. Capturing the attention of a scientist named Jeremy (Landon Liboiron), Sarah's condition appears to be the key to a higher plane of human existence. Still, the question remains — are they ready to come face to face with what lurks on the other side of consciousness?

Written and directed by Anthony Scott Burns, Come True is a dark and foreboding tale that will leave viewers questioning the nature of their reality and whether some stones are better left unturned.

Come True makes its world premiere at the 2020 Fantasia International Film Festival. Its runtime is 1 hr. 45 min.

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