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Yuan of the Dead: A TIFF Review of ‘Get the Hell Out’

September 10, 2020Ben MK

The business of politics can be a cutthroat one, but what if the blood being spilled in the House of Parliament was more than just figurative? That's exactly the premise behind the zombie action comedy Get the Hell Out, as an ousted MP and her novice replacement find themselves caught in the middle of a bloodbath when their colleagues turn feral.

Directed by I-Fan Wang, the film follows Hsiung Ying-ying (Megan Lai), a Member of Taiwanese Parliament so outspoken with her beliefs that it's earned her the nickname Spice MP. But when an altercation with another MP leaves her out of the job, she'll do anything to get back into parliament — that is, until a new rabies virus strain that's been spreading throughout the country begins to infect everyone inside the Legislative Yuan. Now, with a mere two hours until the head of the Central Epidemic Control Center detonates a bomb to blow up the entire legislature, it's up to Ying-ying, her friend and former security guard Wang You-wei (Bruce Hung), her father (Tsung-Hua To) and a host of other colorful characters to find their own way out of this blood-soaked nightmare — and maybe even discover a cure for the zombie epidemic in the process.

A ridiculously over-the-top and gloriously in-your-face romp that mixes the usual genre tropes with musical, video game and martial arts elements — not to mention some not-so-subtle political commentary — Get the Hell Out is an entertaining twist on a familiar tale that's destined to become a cult favorite among zombie fans.

Get the Hell Out screens under the Midnight Madness programme at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival. Its runtime is 1 hr. 36 min.

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