Beyond Dreams Drama

'Beyond Dreams' TIFF Next Wave Review: A Terrific Coming-of-Age Story from a Woman's Perspective

February 16, 2018Ferdosa Abdi

Beyond Dreams is a Swedish coming-of-age drama directed by Rojda Sekersöz that follows Mirja (Evin Ahmad) as she navigates life incarceration. When she is freed, she is faced with the reality that things need to change and she must start a new life.

Deciding whether that new life will include her friends or her family is the problem. Beyond Dreams explores the sacrifices one must make to better their lives, as Mirja quickly learns it's hard being a better daughter, sister, and member of society, all while being a part of her girl gang and pursuing their dreams. The film has a great energy and vibrancy. Sekersöz knows how to balance the tough reality of Mirja's situation and the pure joy of girlfriends. There is a great use of color, the dialogue is snappy and poignant, and the acting is spectacular. This is a terrific coming-of-age story about this young woman from a woman's perspective.

There are many moments in the movie where it is evident that a woman is at the helm, and it shines through in Mirja's complex personality. There are very few characters like her on film, and we understand her motivations, her struggles, and we sympathize with her redemption. This is a stunning feature debut that is a must-see for aspiring filmmakers and storytellers.

Beyond Dreams screens Sunday, February 18th at TIFF Next Wave. Its runtime is 1 hr. 30 min.

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