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'Fake Tattoos' TIFF Next Wave Review: Teen Drama, Raw and Unfiltered

February 16, 2018Sherry Li

Fake Tattoos, from writer and director Pascal Plante, follows two teenagers, Theo (Anthony Therrien) and Mag (Rose-Marie Perreault), who meet after a punk rock show and quickly form a bond. However, Theo is in the middle of dealing with his own grief and is preparing to move away at the end of the summer, leaving Mag behind.

Fake Tattoos is incredible, feeling truly sincere and honest, and is genuine in its portrayal of teenagers on the brink of growing up. Plante's direction is fantastic, with plenty of standout scenes filmed in sometimes uncomfortably long takes, which gives the movie a feeling of realness and authenticity. The film is raw and unfiltered, very much like a glimpse into the intimate, real lives of actual teenagers.

The movie is smart and doesn't dumb things down for the audience. Instead, Fake Tattoos does a great job of leaving hints and clues along the way. Add to that the superb performances by rising stars Therrien and Perreault, and the result is a real treat that will make you nostalgic for your teenage years.

Fake Tattoos screens Sunday, February 18th at TIFF Next Wave. Its runtime is 1 hr. 27 min.

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