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'Dayveon' TIFF Next Wave Review: Violence Begets Violence

February 16, 2018Justin Waldman

Dayveon is not only the title of Amman Abbasi's full-length directorial debut, but also the name of the film's lead character, a 13-year-old boy who at this point in his life has already experienced tragedy, with his older brother having been killed due to gang-related crimes.

After the death of his brother, Dayveon (Devin Blackmon) is struggling and runs into the local Bloods in his rural Arkansas town. After they rough him up a little bit, they realize he can take it and that he refuses to step away, so they accept him into their gang. Throughout this, Dayveon finds himself becoming more and more intrigued by the lifestyle of the Bloods, and he also becomes fascinated with the violence circling their lifestyle.

As the movie progresses, we see how the decisions of Dayveon affects himself and those around him. The result is hard to watch, however, as it feels like a mix between a documentary and a feature, which may be off-putting for some viewers.

Dayveon screens Sunday, February 18th, 2018 at TIFF Next Wave. Its runtime is 1 hr. 15 min.

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