Amaretta Breakthroughs Film Festival

Breakthroughs Review: ‘Amaretta’ is a Beautiful and Effective Story About the Struggle for Gender Equality

June 15, 2018Ferdosa Abdi

Amaretta follows a young girl dealing with an environment that isn't prepared for or understanding of a young girl's sexual growth — one in which boys seem to get a free pass when it comes to their sexual exploration, while girls are unfairly judged.

Amaretta is eager to bring balance to her school after she is given unfair treatment when she draws a vagina, which is comical considering all the drawings of penises that populate her school. Effectively, she is a stand-in for all those girls who wish to be free, to be true to who they are — to grow and to learn.

Director Hana Maeorg's short film is beautifully made and very effective. This short is a nice example of how effective the short film format can be, and is proof that quality filmmaking is key to that effectiveness.

Amaretta screens Saturday, June 16th at the Breakthroughs Film Festival. Its runtime is 8 min.

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