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Breakthroughs Review: A Funny and Thought-Provoking Portrayal of Modern Relationships, ‘Jessica Jessica’ is All Too Relatable

June 15, 2018Sherry Li

Directed by Canadian filmmaker Jasper Savage, Jessica Jessica is an all too relatable, funny and thought-provoking short film that follows two women, both coincidentally named Jessica (Jessica Greco and Jessica Hinkson), on a particularly rough morning.

It's a fantastically shot, perfectly written story about modern dating and the problems that come with it, in which one Jessica is discovered chain-smoking in front of her ex's house by none other than the slightly-too-young-to-be-age-appropriate former boyfriend himself, while the other wakes up hungover next to a bartender who was all too willing to cheat.

Sure to resonate with women, Jessica Jessica not only portrays modern relationships, but also showcases the friendship and support that women provide for each other in the ups and the many downs of dating. This is an incredibly clever film that will feel all too familiar to those who watch it.

Jessica Jessica screens Friday, June 15th at the Breakthroughs Film Festival. Its runtime is 13 min.

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