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Breakthroughs Review: ‘Wonderland’ is an Emotional Journey Told Through Dreamy Visuals

June 15, 2018Sherry Li

Wonderland, a touching short film from director Tiffanie Hsu, follows twelve-year-old Adeline Tang as she wanders around a Las Vegas casino on Christmas Eve.

Hsu does a fantastic job of establishing emotion with minimal dialogue from Adeline, played by Audrey Hui. Viewers are brought on an emotional journey along with Adeline as she navigates the casino, leaving voicemails to her father as she waits for him to arrive, while dealing with her mother (Joan Chen), who is more interested in gambling than spending time with her.

The story, though relatively simple, is beautifully told with dreamy visuals and a stirring soundtrack. Wonderland is poignant and earnest in its depiction of a broken family and the last few pieces of hope left in a girl on the verge of losing her childhood innocence in one of the most adult of places.

Wonderland screens Friday, June 15th at the Breakthroughs Film Festival. Its runtime is 14 min.

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