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Breakthroughs Review: ‘I Love My Robot Boyfriend’ Channels ‘Weird Science’ for a Quirky Love Story

June 15, 2018Ferdosa Abdi

Reminiscent of John Hughes' Weird Science, I Love My Robot Boyfriend is a charming short film that respectfully pays homage to the teen movies of the 1980s.

Written and directed by recent film school graduate Sariah May, the story follows Shelley, who desperately wants to love and be loved in return. Inexperienced with dating or relationships, the teenage science prodigy decides to create her own perfect boyfriend. However, he may be too perfect for Shelley.

I Love My Robot Boyfriend is very well made, and May proves to be a very capable and creative director, taking a quirky concept and making it her own. It would be amazing to see this short lead to a feature-length film.

I Love My Robot Boyfriend screens Saturday, June 16th at the Breakthroughs Film Festival. Its runtime is 18 min.

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